1-Stop Advisor

1-Stop Advisor is the best all-round investment management software for investment advisors, mutual/segregated fund sales representatives and financial planners.

Annual price of $499 CDN (plus applicable taxes).

Manage & Control Your Book of Business

1-Stop Advisor allows complete, stand-alone operation – no connections to a head-office system are required. All of “your” data is stored in a database on “your ” machine, which you control. If you change firms, your data goes with you, there’s no need to learn a new software system, rebuild data or reorganize your business.

Take it with You

1-Stop Advisor can be operated on almost any desktop or notebook computer – in fact our software license allows you to use it on more than one computer, both a mobile and desktop. Go mobile and take 1-Stop with you to client appointments, review portfolios, update information on-the-spot and make compelling sales presentations. You never need to be without the information you need.

Comprehensive Business Management

1-Stop Advisor is designed to manage each aspect of your business, from the marketing of your services to client reporting and commission accounting. It will be the only software system you need.

  • Client management
  • Portfolio reporting
  • KYC/Compliance checks
  • Investment account management
  • Insurance account management – life, disability, group
  • Transaction processing
  • Commission reporting
  • Business management
  • Product profiles and analysis
  • Marketing & prospecting
  • Automated pricing

Mutual/Segregated Funds Management

I-Stop Advisor contains a variety of special features to assist the management of fund accounts. Most importantly is its ability to read and import account and transactional data in the ESG-compliant fund industry file formats. This means that data can be imported directly from mutual fund managers and any fund dealer management system that can export data in this format (such as 1-Stop Administrator). This capability significantly reduces the data entry and the time required to keep accounts up-to-date.

Fund Pricing

Mutual and segregated fund prices can be imported using the ESG-standard daily price file which is frequently provided by fund dealers and also available on a subscription basis for Softext, Cannex and Fund Data.

Life/Disability/Group Insurance

1-Stop Advisor includes an insurance policy management system – manage cases from the time the contract is through the approval process to issue. Renewal commissions can be tracked to assure you don’t miss a cent of revenue.

Managed/Non-Managed Assets

Whether your income is based on commissions or service fees, you need accurate information on all of your client’s holdings and insurance plans in order to make valid recommendations. 1-Stop allows combine or segregate managed and non-managed assets in statements and management reports.

Portfolio Allocation

Create model portfolios, illustrate asset allocation concepts and provide standardized performance reporting for any type of investment. Accounts can be flagged for levels of customer service or billing and administrative reports facilitate portfolio valuations for calculating fees.

Industry-Standard Performance Calculations

1-Stop uses the AIMRS-standard daily valuation calculation method to assure true time-weighted rates of return. Using the same calculation method for all types of assets, equities and fixed-term, results in correct consolidated portfolio yields.

Additional Key Features

1-Stop Advisor is fully-networkable for up to 8 concurrent users.
Uses popular MS-Access database.
Complete on-line help system and 800-page printed manual.
Operates on virtually any notebook or desktop computer.
Includes the following:

email and telephone support line.
regular updates and enhancements.

Additional usersconcurrent workstation licenses just $250/yr.