1-Stop Administrator

1-Stop Administrator

1-Stop Administrator is a highly cost-effective investment account management system designed for mutual/segregated fund dealers, investment firms and deposit brokers.
Administrator for MS-Access is intended for a maximum of 8 concurrent users and is utilizes the popular Microsoft Access database. This is the ideal solution for small firms that want to minimize both their software and hardware costs. A simple upgrade path is available to Aurora.

Prices start at $3,950/yr

Administrator for SQL-Server is designed to operate on MS SQL-Server and is a true client-server application with no limit to the number of concurrent users. This version is intended for medium to large companies where performance is essential. This version is required when using Internet services such as CNet and WebAdvisor.

Prices start at $5,950/yr

Comprehensive Business Management

1-Stop Administrator has a comprehensive set of features to mange each aspect of investment business.

Client management
Portfolio reporting
KYC/Compliance checks
Investment account management
Transaction processing
Commission accounting
Business management
Product profiles and analysis
Marketing & prospecting
Automated equity pricing
Trust accounting
Life/Disability/Group Insirnace case management
Diversified Portfolios

1-Stop replaces the multiple systems you may currently be using to manage different types of investments. Although 1-Stop includes many special features for the management of funds it can be used equally well to manage portfolios with the following types of investments.

Funds – Mutual, Segegrated, Pooled, Hedge
GICs & term Deposits
Money-Market Accounts
Accumulation Plans
Tangible Assets
Unversal Life and Money-Backed Insurance Products
Special Features

The following is a list of important features that most companies are looking for when considering an investment management system. If you don’t see what you are looking for in this list, call us for more information and download our Product Outline.

ESG/FudSERV standards compliant
Electronic wire-ordering of fund transactions through FundSERV
Automated account, transaction and commission file processing
Automated compliance-checks
AIMRS/MFDA compliant investment performance calculations
Portfolio allocation models
Automated batch-switching/block-trading of fund accounts
Integrated system security systems with user access controls
Integrated trust accounting – multiple currencies
Integrated commission accounting – multi-tiered
Unlimited branches and salesreps
Graphic portoflio reports
Multiple client statement formats
Electronic document management
Integated Life/Disability/Group insurance case management
Interfaces with Agency Manger from Applied Systems
Assets can be valued in multiple currencies
Suitable for use in both Canada and United States
On-Going Support and Development

1-Stop is based on the Axis system which has been used by dozens of investment companies across Canada over the last 20 years. The systems is updated on a regular basis to conform with industry standards and changing needs of our customers.

Easy Terms & Additional Services

We make our systems affordable and include both software updates and support in our contracts. We want you to be successful using 1-Stop.

All software contracts include the following:

limited term software contract (1-Year)
software updates and version releases included at no additional cost
8-hours of one-on-one telephone support (annually)
unlimited on-line technical support
up to 8-hours of on-line interactive training
Licensing is based on a concurrent users not indiidual users which means fewer workstations to service a large number of periodic users. Base systems include both Server and 1 Workstation license. Addtional workstation licenses can be added at anytime and come in two classes: Administrator and Inquiry.

MS-Access Base Price: $3,950/yr CDN$

SQL-Server Base Price: $5,950/yr CDN$

Additional Administrator Licenses: $500/yr *

Additional Inquiry Licenses: $300/yr *

* Volume discounts available

(Prices do not include applicable sales taxes)