Bumblebee is a new mobile-friendly web solution

that puts you in the hands of users.

BumbleBee Mobile

Operates on All Mobile Devices

Unlike a dedicated APP, Bumblebee operates on all browsers and operating systems – iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. It is extremely easy to use and update because it contains its own content management system for updating content, menus and graphic elements.

• Works on all mobile devices & computers
• Works on all operating systems
• Works with all browsers
• No software for users to install


If you already have a web site, Bumblebee is great add-on. Simply add a small amount of code to your existing web site (that we provide) and automatically direct small-format users to your Bumblebee site. If you don’t have a web site, it may be all you need!

If you don’t have a web site, BumbleBee may be the only site you need! Mobile users typically don’t take the time to read lengthy text and deal with a lot of photos and graphics. Most commonly they are looking for essential information and an easy way to make contact or find you.

BumbleBee includes a content management system so you can easily upate it for special offers, announcements and news. Its flexible design allows for as much content as a standard web site including text, photos, graphics and video.

BumbleBee is easily linked to Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. The large click-on controls permit immediate phone dialing, email and texting. Users can easily bookmark you for instant recall in their browser.

BumbleBee is search engine optimized to make you easy to find and can be linked to from any source. Insert a few lines of code in any existing web site and mobile users are immediately directed to your BumbleBee site.

Click on any of the links below to access a real working site or demonstration version. Note: if viewing on a computer, the site will appear disproportionally large as it has been designed for small-screen devices.

Unique Features

BumbleBee for taxi companies includes geolocation to make it easy for passengers to provide exact pickup locations.

BumbleBee for non-profit organizations interfaces with to facilitate micro-donations to your organization or current cause.

Find out how it was used effectively by United Way to meet a local emergency.

Quick Startup
We can implement your BumbleBee web site in as little as 48 hours. Our easy-to-use content manager lets you update your page quickly so you can be up-and-running in record time. If you require, we can help you right your page content and design custom graphics that get attention.

Great Pricing
BumbleBee has special introductory pricing that makes it affordable for any type of business, non-profit organization or group. Here’s what you get:

• BumbleBee site built on an existing template
• 2 Hours of site customization
• 1 Hour operations tutorial
• User operation manual
• 1 Year of web site hosting

BumbleBee Price Offer

BumbleBee Demonstration Sites

We have a variety of working and live demonstration sites that you can use to see how well they appear and are used on small-format devices. These sites will appear on computer screens but at a much larger format.

Qwik PrintBumblebee Websites
Mobile for a local print shop, being redirected to from the company’s main web site. Business people visiting a new town look for these services when they need materials for sales presentations and marketing. A mobile version makes the business more accessible and easy to locate. This site is built on our “Classic” theme and is live.

Click here to see live site.

Kelly’s BikesBumblebee Websites
This sample uses our “Squares” design and uses a bike shop as a sample. Why a bike shop? Tourists to an area are commonly looking to rent or service their bikes when they are in a new area and don’t commonly have a computer with them.

Click here to see working demo.


Jack’s CabBumblebee Websites
People use phones to call cabs. Why not have your service saved as a browser favourite so you get called immediately? Your BumbleBee site is easily saved as a favourite for easy recall and offers immediate dialling – make you service easier for people to remember and call.

Click here to see working demo.

Bumblebee Websites
Donate Today – United Way
Built on our “Classic” theme this stand-alone web site is intended to generate micro-donations to programs, groups and causes that United Way supports. The ease of use of this mobile platform simplifies the donation process and is integrated to, an agency that processes donations for non-profits.

Click here to see live site.