Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting a price on a new web site for your business or simply improving what you already have.

We offer all prospective customers a free hour of consultation to determine the scope of the project and if we are the right ones to do it.

We work across borders and can travel to your location if required.

We treat every project as confidential and can complete any required NDA agreements.

We provide accurate written estimates and project scope documents prior to starting work on your project. We can provide accurate time billing reports at any point in the project.

Most work is completed by in-house programmers & designers and in some cases requires us to use outside experts. We do not contract work with individuals and/or companies located outside of North America.

We offer a 60-day post completion warranty on programming. If you find errors within this period of time we will fix them free of charge. Beyond this period we will assess the nature of the problem and if it is clearly our error, make a remedy and mutually agreeable terms.

Our address:

Softext Publishing Inc.
954 1st Ave West
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 4K5

Our phone:

519-371-7464 or 888-847-2225

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