Web Site Design

Softext combines both creative design and technical expertise to create attention-getting web sites and Internet-based marketing tools.

With over 20 years experience developing commercial software applications, we are able to take on tasks that exceed the capabilities of many web site design firms.

We take web sites beyond the “digital brochure” into functional tools and applications that can help you operate your business more effectively.

Here are just a few of the applications:

  • Advertising, in-bound & outbound marketing
  • Sales management & CRM tools
  • Inventory control
  • Employee management & education
  • Financial analysis, administration & reporting
  • Education & digital asset management
  • Ecommerce storefronts
  • Surveys & data analysis

When assessing the capability of a firm to take on your project, you need to consider both their experience and depth of knowledge. As software developers we have the knowledge to go from initial concept to finished application able to withstand the rigors of daily use in real-world situations.

  • GUI interface design
  • Custom database applications
  • Real-time & automated processing
  • Structured process-driven interfaces

Combining in-house expertise with the specific skills of contract programmers we are able to offer a wide range of systems design and coding services.

Supported languages:

HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, .Net, VB6, Flash

Database Systems

MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Ingres

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Joomla, Custom

E-commerce Platforms

WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento