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Jooomla is a very popular web site content management system and is is very similar to WordPress, another popular blogging application. Joomla is developed and maintained by hundreds of unpaid volunteers most of which are users of the system.

A content management system allows you, and whoever else you authorize, to update virtually every aspect of your web site including the look-and-feel. You can add an unlimited number of articles, custom pages, photos and other media.

Joomla is developed in PHP and is built upon a MySQL database in which all of your site information is stored. Page information is extracted from the database and dynamically displayed according to the site design. There are in fact, very few actual “pages” in a Joomla site. Because Joomla must use a database, the initial setup and hosting costs are higher than a standard static site.

Setting up a Joomla web site is more complicated than a typical web site and requires some forethought to determine how content should be organized. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of templates that can be used with Joomla. This allows to preview what your site will look like before you commit to a final design.

There are many Joomla add-ons called widgets which add new features to the basic system for such things as advertising, directories, photo galleries and membership management. Frequently some programming changes are required as some widgets do not “play well with others”.

If you have chosen Joomla for your site, our services will include:

  • Install database on web-server.
  • Determine the overall colour palette.
  • Assist in the selection of a site theme and modify to meet your specific requirements or develop a theme from scratch.
  • Setup the site navigation and pages.
  • Create custom graphics, icons and flash elements.
  • Source photo material through numerous on-line services.
  • Photograph people, locations and products.
  • Write the site text or adapting it from other sources.
  • Integrate widgets and plug-ins including programming.
  • Develop custom modules such as photo galleries,
  • Link your site to social media services.
  • Add meta-data to facilitate location by search engines.
  • Test in numerous browsers for compatibility.
  • Submit your site to popular search engines.
  • Register your domain name.
  • Install custom libraries and database modules on a web server.
  • Data entry to build lookup tables, storefront catalogues and reference tools.
  • User training.

Your Joomla package Includes: site registration, design, 2 hours of free technical support, 2 hours of user operational training.

Is Joomla right for your site?

Joomla lets you update your web site and publish new content at anytime. This is completed through an administrative control panel. Maintenance requires basic computer skills and organization.

Why you may want a Joomla site:

  • You need to update your web site frequently.
  • You publish a lot of information either to the general public or a select audience. This includes articles, press releases, photos and news items.
  • Multiple people update your web site content.

The primary uses of Joomla are:

  • News and information sites.
  • Public sites such as local government.
  • Trade organizations, services clubs and special interest groups.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Tourism information sites.
  • Companies with a large employee base.
  • Schools and academic institutions.
  • Photographers, videographers and artists.
  • Specialty publications.

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