Apex is a family of web-based applications designed to provide a level of functionality that exceeds a typical web site. Unlike the common “digital brochure” these sites do a job: help you manage your business, simplify marketing and sell goods.

These applications are built on the popular WordPress platform and use a combination of custom plug-ins we have created and third-party components to create an integrated whole. This approach offers lower development costs, increased functionality and shorter development cycles. Applications can be further customized to provide additional features and mer that the specific needs of the client.

Here is a list of the current Apex applications, more are in development.

Real Estate Agency

Ideal for real estate brokers or branch offices choosing to manage their own listings. This application includes the ability to import real estate listings from the MLS network.

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Chamber of Commerce

The Apex Chamber of Commerce application includes member directory, online subscription and events management, advertising and outbound communications. Suitable for any C of C from 50 to 500+ members, this Apex web site site can be easily customized to suit your needs.

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